Welcome to the Law Office of William R. Spurr

You have all heard the cliché that there is no "I" in "team." Well, there is in the legal team at Law Office of William R. Spurr.  I personally address your legal issues and matters, occasionally contracting support personnel if I believe your matter requires it and if you agree. I offer reliable advice and efficient representation concerning virtually all civil matters, a notable exception being family law.

What Makes Me Different

Over my twenty years of practicing civil litigation, I have become keenly aware of the degree to which a successful result must take into account the legal fees and costs a client pays to obtain that result. Much of the best advice that I have given clients over the years is that they should not pursue litigation with respect to a particular matter. While that has certainly affected my income, I sleep better and the vast majority of my clients who do pursue litigation end up satisfied and refer me to other potential clients.


Also, I like to share the burdens and risks of litigation with my clients in my fee arrangements. Clients need to know that any arrangement they make with an attorney is negotiable, and I have utilized many varieties of contingent and partially contingent fee agreements to the mutual satisfaction of both me and my clients. 

My Practice Areas


Securities Litigation


I have successfully litigated multiple cases under the federal and state securities laws, including a class action and group representation. My favorite type of securities case involves a private investment (as opposed to a case involving the purchase of publicly traded securities through a broker-dealer). Clients should know that any passive investment where the expectation of profits depends on the efforts of others could be deemed a securities transaction, a principle I helped affirm in Ito v. Prescott, 83 Wn. App. 282, 921 P.2d 566 (1996).   


Employment Litigation


I frequently represent employees in disputes with their employers, usually former employers. I recently obtained a nice jury verdict that included punitive damages and attorney's fees in a sex discrimination case that I tried in federal court, and I have successfully litigated other employment cases involving wage claims, wrongful discharge, and discrimination.


Real Estate Litigation


I have litigated, tried, and won a variety of cases involving real property disputes, including lease disputes, purchase and sale disputes, boundary disputes, and condominium disputes.


Commercial Litigation


I have successfully represented both contractors and owners in construction/contract disputes, including lien cases.


Personal Injury


Although it is not a main focus of my practice, clients for whom I have prosecuted personal injury claims and litigation have been uniformly satisfied with the settlements and awards I have obtained for them, frequently for contingent fees less than the one third (33%) that clients often believe they are obligated to pay to attorneys in such cases. Newsflash: You are not! Rates and percentages are negotiable.


Business Transactions

In recent years I have found that my experience litigating contract disputes has enabled me to become proficient at drafting contracts and agreements for clients that protect their interests and help them avoid litigation. The adage "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" is perhaps truer in the context of litigation than it is in healthcare.




Judgments look nice on paper, but the effort and cost incurred in obtaining one is hardly worthwhile unless you collect what you are owed. I am an aggressive, efficient practitioner of the legal processes that can get you paid.